המוצא באחוזים על גבי מפת העולם

מקורם של כל אבות המשפחה נקבע לפי אזור ואחוז. מפת עולם מציגה את המקורות השונים שלך.

איתור קרובי משפחה

תקבל רשימה של קרובי משפחה גנטיים בתוצאות המקוונות שלך. באמצעות הדוא"ל תוכלו ליצור קשר עם קרובי משפחתך כדי לברר פרטים נוספים על המשפחה והרקע שלך.

תוצאות בכתב בצירוף תעודה ממוסגרת

בנוסף לתוצאה המקוונת תקבלו תעודת מקור אצילית במסגרת תמונה ומסמכים אחרים בתיקיה אלגנטית.

עם המוצא

תוכלו ללמוד על קבוצת ההפוגלים והטיולים (זמנים פרהיסטוריים), האנשים העתיקים (העת העתיקה) ואזור המוצא (ימי הביניים) של הקו האבהי (גברים) או הקו האימהי (נשים).

כל העמים העתיקים

רק בעזרת מבחן המומחים של iGENEA תוכלו ללמוד את קבוצות ההפלוגות וההגירה המדויקות (זמן פרהיסטורי), העמים הפרימיטיביים (העת העתיקה) ואזורי המוצא (גיל העמידה) של השושלת האבהית והאימהית.

כל הקרובים

רק בעזרת מבחן המומחים של iGENEA תוכלו למצוא את כל קרובי משפחתכם הגנטיים במאגר המידע שלנו.

קרובי משפחה נוספים

תקבל רשימה נוספת של קרובי משפחה אחרים של הקו האבהי (גברים) או הקו האימהי (נשים).

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I was amazed to learn about my Russian roots

How a simple genetic test in 2012 told me that I am closely related with the royal family of Russia!

The story is intriguing and started when I was born 60 years ago. A story that has always haunted me and that took me to all the inaccessible archives containing records of adoption from Paris. I was repeatedly confronted with French law, which protects the secret surrounding my roots.

I knew from an early age that I'm adopted and began to search for my biological mother when I was an adolescent. In 50 years, I've learned very little about my background even though it's always been important to me.

In 1997, I found documents on my first name. Following more extensive research, I know that my mother gave birth to me on 27 July 1953 in Nicolo Hospital (Paris). The hospital no longer exists and all the documents have mysteriously disappeared. During my research, I was obstructed time and again. The only thing I was able to establish was that my mother supposedly already had a child and did not have the financial means to support a second one. Therefore, she gave me up for adoption.

Since I was adopted very quickly (within one week), my former life was simply erased and the authorities had to admit that nothing was known about my background. Hence, I live only according to one story, that of my adoptive parents.

I wasn't prepared to resign myself to the fact that my story was based on inaccessible archives of the Parisian adoption authorities.

DNA testing and the possibility for individuals to perform a test opened up new opportunities for me.
Since all other doors were closed to me, I had nothing to lose by taking these tests. With that in mind, I decided to go to iGENEA in Zurich and do the best and most detailed test. I wanted to finally learn the truth.

A few months later, I was amazed to learn about my royal Russian roots. I am a member of the RURIK dynasty. Much of my DNA is shared with various Russian princes: Prince Vadbolsky, Prince Gagarine, Prince Kropotkin, Prince Khilkov, Prince Krzysztof Massalski, Prince Valeriy Victorovich Kubarev, etc.

Thanks to the huge database and numerous tools you are provided with, I've found 4th to 6th degree relatives all over the world. Although the relationship with some of them is very distant, I am gradually discovering my stolen past – the story of my genetic ancestors.

מידע על המחבר

Prince Dumè, alias Dominique VERCOUTERE (adopté)

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18.05.2014 - Princess Maria

I am Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski. Born in Meiningen, Germany on 13th June 1946. I descend directly from the Princes Sviatopolk-Mirsky Dynasty, who are also from Rurik. I'm also related to the Baltic Baron von Engelhardt family from Smolensk in Russia. I have very rare mtDNA (ROa Haplogroup).

I live in London. My email address is:


I would be very happy to hear from the Author who has discovered his Royal Russian Roots.

I look forward to a reply, and thank you in advance.

Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski

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